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Feb 20, 2010

What Is One Thing We All Have??

One aspect of life we all have the same is time.
Yes everyone has time. Its not like money,where some people have it and others do not. No, time is available to everyone.
The question do you use your time? Did you know that the time that you waste today watching a movie or playing video games is'nt going to come back...yes that's right! you can't save time. Have you ever noticed how time sometimes moves slowly or moves fast. Originally it was Einsteins idea who said "Do what you love best" because when you love what your doing Time is not an issue. But when you hate your job, your life, your everyythingss...Time moves so slow. Oh! and did you know our time is limited on this earth?

Yes..some day we all will die. (a very sad statement) but we have to use our resources, money, our mindset the best way we can in order to live better and enjoy our life. Time is an important issue and we all should consider how valuable it really is.
School, college, Degrees, all are important and take time, and that time is good because your continually improving yourself. But Time wasted is gone. But we all have our ups and downs some are worse than others. My suggestion to you all is to continually improve on skills and experience because down the road you never know when the perfect opportunity might cross your road .

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