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Mar 3, 2010

I Gotttt it...

heeee :-)

i'm invited by MNRB Sholarship Fund to attend an interview...yeaahhhh! (alhamdullilah).
administrative details are as below:

DATE : Friday,5th March 2010
TIME : 11.30 am
VENUE : 11th Floor, Bangunan Malaysian Re
No.17, Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Below is my letter towards MNRB ;-)

Thank you for considering my scholarship application towards MNRB Holdings Berhad...

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Nur Arina Bt Che Mohd Din. I'm 19 years old. I was born at HUSM Kubang Kerian on 18th August 1990 and now i live with my family in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I have 7 siblings and i am the fourth in the family. My hobby is reading novels and sometimes if i have free time, i also like to surf internet and i love to read anything that will gain me knowledge. My father is a pensioner and my mother works as an Assistant Accountant.

i'm the black one (*..*)

happy family...

Throughout my childhood, i always said that when i grow up. i wanted to be a businesswoman. So, just like everybody else, i went to school, studied hard and learned about theories, about the future and about what is right from wrong. When i was in secondary school, i stayed in a hostel and lived independently. It gave me to0 many experiences in life.

After the announcement of my SPM results, i got the offer from Uitm Malacca to undergo the Diploma in Business Management (Insurance) course. When i managed to maintain my CGPA at 3.6 and above for three semesters in a row, UiTM offered me to switch to a Degree course without finishing my diploma.

Below are the reasons why i need the financial assistance in order to futher my studies.
  • The far distance of the University from my house makes it costly for me to return home during holidays
  • I need to pay the monthly rental of my house in Malacca
  • This financial support would give me enthusiasm towards my studies
  • A scholarship would help me enhance my potentiality and would give me an opportunity to grow intellectually, academically and emotionally.
Futhermore, there are many benefits from the field of study in business insurance such as the protection of our country from any risk or calamity. Other than that, we should increase the public awareness about the importance of the contribution in insurance. They should be make to realize the existence of insurance as caretaker or guardian to them and their family in cases of needs. Nowadays not many people is interested when we talk about insurance, especially muslims. So from here, i want take full advantage of my studies in insurance. The government now realize the importance of insurance and the enforcement of a compulsory insurance coverage for those boarding flights to go overseas or domestically maybe implemented in the future as it is now compulsory for the motor vehicles on the road.

I have plans to continue my education for the next few years by finishing my study in the Degree course. I hope to graduate with the higher honor in Business Studies (insurance). After that, I wish to serve with MNRB Holdings Berhad and give my full commitment and contribute to its wellness and growth.

My essay is simple but honest and i hope after going through this essay, you will have a full picture of who i am. Thank you for your time and consideration and sincerely hope that i be given a fair chance to be under your company's financial aid and social obligation.

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